CEPAD’s staff develop, implement and monitor a range of programs including community dialogues, participatory research and advocacy to contribute to peace and sustainable development in Timor-Leste.

João Boavida, Executive Director
Ivonia Pinto Tsia, Research Coordinator (KKN)
Adelaide Lopes Sarmento, Researcher (KKN)
Abilio Tilman, Research Assisitant (KKN)
Paulo M. Pinto, Monitoring & Evaluation Officer
Joana Maria Viegas, Project Officer (FOI)
Juvensio M.C.D.R da C., Research Assistant FOI
Elsa T. Dos Santos, Research Assistant (FOI)
Jose Henriques, Research Assistant (WFP)
Florenciana de J. Rego, Research Assistant (WFP)
Lamberto Quintas Soares, Audiovisual Research Coordinator
Domingas Cardoso Martins, Audiovisual Reseach Assistant
Sonia Ribeiro, Finance & Administration Officer
Herman Van Gessel B.com, VSA Finance Mentor
Ester Saldanha Cardoso, General Assistant (Finance & Administration)
Josefina Martins, General Assistant (Finance & ED)
Alexandre Soares Pereira, Driver
Nicolau Mesquita da Silva, Driver
Miguel Magalhães, Security
Francisco Moniz Tavares, Security
Estevão Antonio, Security
Sarita Sobral, Centre Assistant